Netball Universe Lotto

  • The Netball Universe Lotto (licensed by participating clubs Local Authority) is currently held 4-5 times per year to help raise money for netball clubs that aren't big enough to generate attractive jackpots on their own.

    The next Netball Universe Lotto draw will be held on:


    6th April 2023

    The NU Lotto also takes place every month for those who take part via
    Direct Debit. The last Thursday of the Month the NU Lotto gives away a £50 Prize to Direct Debit givers.

    If you want to get involved and help support Rhondda Netball during these times by signing up to a Direct Debit then please get in touch OR sign up on link below.





    How to Play :

    Entry is just £1 per ticket – just select 4 numbers from 1-30!

    Match 4 numbers to win/share the Netball Universe Lotto Jackpot!!
    Match 3 numbers to win £20!!!

    Entering the NU Lotto has never been easier :

    Tickets in support of Rhondda Netball/for Rhondda Netball benefits are available from the Rhondda Netball office or Head Coaches of our clubs/teams. Tickets are also available from Team Managers of other Netball Universe Lotto partner clubs, and from a number of people in the local community. HOWEVER, it's even possible to set up a Direct Debit!

    Using our trusted Direct Debit providers, the reputable “Go Cardless”, we have made purchasing your Netball Universe Lotto Tickets
    as easy as A,B,C! If you would like to set up a £10 a month Direct Debit to grab yourself 10 tickets per month (20 per draw) please
    CLICK HERE and fill out our online Direct Debit form... it’s so quick and easy!!